Product Care

Cashmere Washing Instructions: Our Cashmere is easier to care for than you think. Machine wash cool to warm in a mesh delicates bag, or hand wash, and dry flat. Do not wring or twist items to remove excess water, just give them a squeeze. Due to their size, our items are much easier to care for than your favourite sweater, but please give them an equal amount of love. All our items have been laundered as the item (as opposed to just washing our raw materials), so we know they will go through your machine at home. 

Keep your Winterluxe items nice by avoiding snags on rough surfaces. Always wash items before storage at the end of the season. If moths are a problem in your house, we suggest to wash and dry your items, and store them in zipper bags.

Pilling can occur when fabrics rub against one another. Remove any pilling with a fabric shaver, you can usually find these at a dollar store or sewing store.

Shearling and Leather items can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or dry cleaned, but better to use care when setting items down on surfaces (as you would for any item you love).